Since 1995, the scientific and production enterprise "HOTEХ" Co.Ltd has been specializing in the development of new materials and technologies for temporary and permanent corrosion protection, chemical methods for preparing metal surfaces for painting.In our developments we rely on a solid scientific and laboratory base and cooperate with scientists of the Chemistry Department of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, the Research Institute of Petrochemistry (St. Petersburg), the Research Institute of Corrosion (Moscow), etc .We organize technical support of our materials, as well as provide implementation services.

An important feature of our materials is their maximum safety for humans and the environment. Low-hazard derivatives of plant raw materials are used for their production. Synthesis technologies have a low carbon footprint and do not emit greenhouse gases. The same happens in the application processes of our materials. Corrosion inhibitors "N-M-1" and "FMT" allow the implementation of water conservation methods, which excludes the use of petroleum oils, fuels and other hydrocarbon media as the basis of compositions. At the same time, “dirty” technologies for washing preservatives are excluded, since aqueous solutions of inhibitors do not require a de-preservation operation. The inhibited chemical rust converter "NOTECH" is made on the basis of aqueous solutions without gaseous and liquid emissions both in production and in application technologies. It also helps reduce the carbon footprint by actively inhibiting corrosion underneath paint coating. Ultimately, phosphating metal surface by application "NOTEX" leads to an increase in the service life of the coating by 1.5-2 times and a corresponding decrease in emissions of volatile organic substances during the repair and maintenance of equipment.

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Technical Conditions TU 2478–005–48938796-2008

The atmospheric corrosion inhibitor N-M-1 is designed to protect products from atmospheric and microbiological corrosion during operation, storage, hydraulic testing, preservation and transportation in various climatic conditions (continental, marine, tropical, arctic). It is also used to protect equipment from parking corrosion and interoperative preservation of heat and power equipment. It protects products from bio-damage by suppressing the growth of the most common types of mold fungi. To obtain inhibited anticorrosive primers with enhanced protective properties and extended service life paint and varnish coating.

Chemical Composition: salts of cyclyc amine and fatty acids.
Appearance - from a pasty substance to a liquid.
Color – from yellow to brown.
- water – up to 50% mass;
- benzine – up to 50% mass;
- mashine oils – up to 50% mass.
Ash – free
Hardening temperature is not above 25oC;
Flash temperature is not below 94oC;
Ignition point is not below 114oC;
Self- ignition point is not below 253oC;
Density at 70oC – 0,904 g/cm3;
Warranty period – 24 months from production.       

as 5 – 10% solutions in volatile solvents;
as 1 – 3% water solutions;
as oil additives to mineral oils, diesel, reactive fuels and kerosene, rust transformers and washing means;
as 0,2 – 3% water solutions while hydrotests and combined preservation with volatile inhibitors.

The preservation of the products (parts, assemblies, mechanisms, etc.) using inhibited aqueous solutions of inhibited oils, fuels, and solutions N-M-1 in volatile solvents by application them on the metal surface by dipping, brushing, spraying or any in another way, so that left not dampened their seats on the products. Conservation of internal parts of mechanisms (fuel systems, etc.) without their disassembly is carried out by short-term study (pumping) at a temperature not higher than 70°C or by filling the mechanism with an inhibitor solution in water, oil, fuel. the consumption rates of inhibited materials are set depending on the design of the products, method of application, storage conditions and terms.

PACKING: 18 kg (20 l Metal drum with corted lid)

Corrosion inhibitor N-M-1

Technical specification TU 2149-002-48938796-2003

NOTECH is a high-tech multifunctional water-based product for the transformation of corrosion products on metal surfaces, combining the process of "cold" phosphating with surface passivation and short-term preservation using highly effective corrosion inhibitors.

The use of GPR "NOTECH" increases the service life of anticorrosive paint coatings by 1.5-2 times!

Do not need to wash off the treated surface with water! It has the ability to penetrate under the edges of the old paintwork, suppressing the further development of corrosion. It considerably reduces the complexity of cleaning process.
It is produced and supplied in the form of a concentrate "NOTECH-K". Standard working composition:
1  part of the concentrate per 2 parts of tap water. Depending on the task being solved, the concentrate can be used in the work.

- modifier - independent chemical preparation of rusty metal surfaces and welds before painting or in combination with abrasive blasting (mechanical), a working compound or, in special cases, a concentrate is used;
- reinforcement - processing of reinforcement and other embedded parts before hardening the concrete mortar in order to improve its adhesion to concrete and convert loose corrosion products into inert phosphate stones. It is used as a concentrate;
- special - chemical cleaning of the internal surfaces of pipelines and equipment from corrosion products with simultaneous passivation of the cleaned surfaces. It is used as a concentrate.
Independent or in the combined schemes of clearing of difficult large-sized designs and operational development of mechanically cleared surfaces in hard-to-reach spots before coloring. Doesn't form a layer
as a ground, therefore is combined with the majority of known types of paint and varnish materials.
The average working material consumption at double processing is 90 - 120 gr/sqm.

Appearance-yellow liquid ("NOTECH – special" - colorless). Expiry date is not limited. Climatic factors during transportation and storage are not regulated. The method of application is a brush, roller, spray gun, immersion, pumping with a pump.
The composition is certified. It is successfully used at the facilities under construction and under repair of the leading Russian enterprises - Gazprom, Spetsstroy of Russia, Rosatom Corporation, enterprises for the production of mineral fertilizers and mechanical engineering, industrial construction, enterprises of the fuel and energy complex and transport, in military and civil ship repair and shipbuilding.

PACKING: 25 kg (21.5 l polyethylene can)

Chemical converter of a rust NOTEH-K (concentrate)

Technical specification TU 2453-003-48938796-2003

The corrosion inhibitor FMT is designed for "temporary" protection against atmospheric corrosion of steel products and structures during period of warehouse storage, interoperative storage and transportation in a temperate climate. It protects products from bio-damage by suppressing the growth of the most common types of mold fungi.
It can be used for the preservation of oil refining equipment. The period of interoperative protection in the case of the use of aqueous emulsions is from 1 to 3 months; when using other types of bases – from 1.5 to 3 years (taking into account the methodology of their storage, design, application, etc.).

Conditions of use and the amount of the inhibitor:
- 1-3% by weight solutions in mineral oils and fuels (diesel, jet, kerosene);
- 2-2.0% by weight. alkaline aqueous emulsion;
- 3-10% by weight solutions in volatile solvents.

Depending on the storage conditions, the availability of packaging, sealing, etc., the protective effect of the corrosion inhibitor "FMT" on steel according to accelerated tests is:
- for an oil preservative (3%) – up to 1 year,
- for an aqueous emulsion (1%) – 1-3 months.

Appearance - homogeneous oily liquid
Color - dark green
The mass fraction of water - traces.
Authenticity – characteristic absorption bands of chlorophyll derivatives in the visible region of the spectrum in the wavelength ranges 400-430 nm, 630-670 nm.

Atmospheric corrosion inhibitor FMT is a liquid vegetable product based on tall oil fatty acids modified with chlorophyll derivatives. It is compatible with any preservative base: mineral oils, including waste oils, water, organic solvents. Perfectly compatible with any basis of preservative – mineral oils (including fulfilled), organic solvents, water. It is safe.

PACKING: 40 kg (51 l polyethylene barrel)

Atmospheric corrosion inhibitor FMT

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